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$12 Million Buys Soros, Steyer White House Meeting; Media Ignore

Networks complain about conservative donor influence in politics, ignore blatant liberal donor connection.
Media Research Center

Senate Report Ties Soros Group to 'Billionaire's Club' Dictating EPA Actions

Soros-founded Democracy Alliance influences EPA decisions, report says.
Media Research Center

‘End Coal’ Billionaire Steyer Made Money Off Coal in June 2014

Media ignore double standard, hold him up as antidote to Koch brothers.
Media Research Center

Liberal Media Fail to Report Soros Funding Linked to New EPA Regulations

Even The New York Times, which revealed NRDC inspired plan, didn’t make connection to George Soros.
Media Research Center

Media Hype ‘Risky Business’ Climate Campaign, Forget Their Past Attacks on Former Treasury Secretary

As Henry Paulson unites with Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer to warn about climate change, news outlets repeat their conclusions.
Media Research Center

CNBC vs. NBC: Did Democratic Donor Influence Latest Keystone Delay?

On Friday April 18, the Obama Administration announced yet another delay on whether or not to proceed with the Keystone XL pipeline. The Obama Administration’s decision came in the wake of a new ...
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