CBS's Smith Excuses Obama For Not Crediting Bush With Iraq Troop Surge

On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith served as an apologist for President Obama, who failed to credit President George W. Bush with the Iraq troop surge in an Oval Office address ...

Times Downplays Obama's Surge Opposition, Has Yet to Lecture Him on Attending Soldiers' Funerals

The Times downplays Obama's opposition to the successful troop surge in Iraq, and repeats the old smear that Bush "refused to attend soldiers' funerals." Yet the Times no longer brings up the ...

Times Can't Figure Out Why Media's Ignoring Iraq Lately

Could the surge and resulting decline in the fatality rate for U.S. troops have something to do with it? The Times gives five other reasons before even making the suggestion.

Nagourney to McCain: Don't Mention the War

Adam Nagourney on McCain's pro-war speech at the Virginia Military Institute: "Mr. McCain, a Republican whose presidential candidacy has been shaken by his support of the war...."

No Surge Protectors in the Times' Baghdad Bureau

The Times again suggests the troops surge in Iraq is doomed to failure.
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