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Tom Friedman Mocks U.S. Concern Over Civil Liberties in Latest Paean to Beijing

Again praising China, Thomas Friedman mocks American concern for civil liberties: "They fight over things like - we are not making this up - how and where an airport security officer can touch them."

Washington Post Columnist to Upset Air Travelers: 'Grow Up, America'

Calling the uproar over the new TSA screening procedures "overblown" in her November 24 column, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus praised the majority of Americans polled who are okay with the ...

CBS Early Show Frets Over 'Passenger Gridlock,' Glosses Over TSA Civil Liberties

Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez on Tuesday glossed over the TSA's use of intrusive pat-downs while drilling down on the potential for "gridlock" if distressed passengers cause "chaos" this ...

NBC Offers Soft Spin on Invasive TSA Screenings, ABC, CBS Highlight 'Outrage,' 'Probing Hands'

NBC's Today offered the most sympathetic take on the growing outrage over invasive pat downs being conducted at airports by the Transportation Security Administration. While ABC highlighted ...

Network Double Standard: Obama's TSA Gropers vs. Bush's NSA Eavesdroppers

While the broadcast networks have generally empathized with the distress of airline passengers over TSA's intrusive airport searches, they have not impugned the Obama administration as launching a ...
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