Tom Friedman Defends 'Complex' Hezbollah Terror Leader Fadlallah, the Alan Alda of the Middle East

Friedman glosses over Hezbollah founder Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah's support for suicide bombers and ignores evidence of Fadlallah's blessing of the bombing of a Marine barracks in Lebanon that ...

NBC's Todd Defends Obama 'Twitters' Gaffe: 'Written Incorrectly in His Prepared Remarks'

On NBC's Today on Friday, White House correspondent Chuck Todd preemptively dismissed any criticism of President Obama referring to "Twitters" during a joint press conference with Russian ...

CBS: The Toilet Network

CBS has obliterated another barrier of tastefulness by naming a show after fecal matter. They call it "$#*! My Dad Says." They could have called it "Stuff My Dad Says," but the desire to shock and ...

Post 'Conservative' Staffer Apologizes for Calling Traditional Marriage Proponents 'Bigots'

Weigel's Tweets show liberal bias, even as he attempts to defend them in 'Right Now' blog.

CBS News's Mark Knoller: 'Tea Bagger Protests' Outside Capitol Hill

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller revived the use of a vulgar sexual term to refer to Tea Party protesters on Saturday afternoon via Twitter: "Obama's motorcade arrives at Capitol ...

The Shameless Abortion Carnival

The media were fascinated by a woman discussing her chemical abortion - as it happened - on Twitter and YouTube. But it wasn't worthy of debate, just praise.

Kyra Phillips Conducts Softball Interview of Woman Who Tweeted Abortion

On Monday's Newsroom, CNN's Kyra Phillips sympathetically interviewed a woman who unapologetically Tweeted her chemically-induced abortion as it happened. Instead of offering the pro-life ...

How Conservatives Found Twitter and the Evolution of '#TCOT'

Grassroots activist Michael Patrick Leahy explains how conservatives used social networking to organize out of the wilderness.

Top Washington Post Editor Forced Off Twitter After Urging More Spending on Health Care

A few weeks ago Washington Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti rued in this tweet via his Twitter account: "We can incur all sorts of federal deficits for wars and what not. But we have to promise ...
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