ABC's Claire Shipman Laments Lack of Political Will to Extend Unemployment Benefits Beyond 99 Weeks

Good Morning America's Claire Shipman on Tuesday delivered a one-sided report on unemployment benefits and the fact that they end after 99 weeks. Reporting on those who have reached the limit, the ...

CNN Money Promotes 'Other Kinds of Government Assistance'

Report advertises federal aid, downplays individual spirit in addressing unemployment.

Calls to 'Rein in the Federal Government' Are 'Not Very Rational,' Al Hunt Declares on ABC

"The side that talks about the need to rein in the federal government" is "not very rational," yet "is winning" the debate over whether to pass another "stimulus" bill, Al Hunt regretted on ...

AP Hits Republican Obstructionist Pinata for Rejected Senate Jobs Bill

Wire service notes Democratic leaders 'bent over backwards' for Republicans but barely mentions Republican reasoning for vote.

Biden's Job Prediction Falls 5.2 Million Short of Obama's Promise

VP claims 1.4 million jobs as victory, 'trouble in paradise' for GOP.

Detroit News Finds Example of 'Workers Choosing Jobless Pay' Over Work

Even in the state with the highest jobless rate, some landscapers turn down work to collect unemployment.

Jobs Gained: Only 6,662,000 More Needed in 2010 to Fulfill Obama Promise

Unemployment rises to 9.9 percent, media highlight job creation.

CNBC Debate: Liesman, Santelli Argue Whether U.S. Is Headed for European Socialism

Senior economic reporter says federal expenditures like TARP and the stimulus won't be repeated.

Prelude to Victory Lap: Santelli Warns Not to Buy Hype of Upcoming Jobs Data

CNBC's CME floor reporter predicts if unemployment numbers fall with Census jobs, 'traditional media' will overplay it, send markets higher.

ABC Berates Bunning's 'Politics of No' for Causing Unemployed to 'Struggle' and Lose Homes

ABC's World News scolded Senator Jim Bunning for daring to block a $10 billion spending bill until it is offset by cuts, parading victims as Diane Sawyer and Jonathan Karl painted him as a ...
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