Bennett's Loss in Utah a 'Damn Outrage,' 'Non-Violent Coup,' Part of Larger Intolerant GOP Narrative

"This is a damn outrage," a disgusted David Brooks declared on Sunday's Meet the Press reacting to Republican Senator Bob Bennett's loss at Utah's GOP convention. Brooks fretted he was punished ...

Scary: Right-Wingers in Utah 'to Cast Out Those They Deem to Have Strayed' Like Sen. Bob Bennett.

Jeff Zeleny finds scary right-wingers in Utah: "The Tea Party movement and advocacy groups on the right are demanding that candidates hew strictly to their ideological standards, and are moving ...

'Fury' in 'Deeply Republican' Utah Over Designating National Monuments in Western U.S.

Reporter Kirk Johnson finds "vitriol among Western conservatives" over a Department of Interior proposal to designate huge blocks of land in Western states as national monuments. Did liberals ...

Kirk Johnson Still Excited About Social Conservative Defeats in Utah

Western-based reporter Kirk Johnson has celebrated Utah's moderate Republican Jon Huntsman, now Obama's ambassador to China, and the repeal of Utah's antiquated liquor law. Now the easily excited ...

A Tale of Two States: Socialist Hawaii vs. Conservative Utah on Health

Times reporters embrace Hawaii's socialist universal health scheme ("Lawmakers working on a national health care fix have much to learn from the past 35 years in Hawaii") but dislike Utah's ...

Kirk Johnson: Conservatism Still Dying in Utah

Reporter Kirk Johnson, hypersensitive to signs of conservative weakness out West, foresees the eclipse of traditional conservatism in Utah, unless the state "swerves right" by electing "staunch ...

Conservatives Are Doomed, This Time in...Utah?

Kirk Johnson sees the death of conservatism in the repeal of a Utah liquor law and celebrates the state's moderate GOP governor Jon Huntsman Jr.

Govt's 4-Day Work Week Doesn't Work

The media embrace a shorter work week without regard to taxpayers.

The "Domineering," "Bombastic" Mine Owner That Doesn't Believe in Global Warming

The Times uses name-calling on Robert Murray, owner of the Utah mine that collapsed - and drags in his disbelief in global warming dogma.

MSNBC's 'Countdown' Parades Out Left-Wing, Anti-Coal Expert

Goodell, author of two books critical of mining industry, is the media's favorite new coal expert.
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