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Liberal Journalists, Lefty Economists Created Occupy Wall Street Mantra

99 vs. 1 percent theme stems from class warfare messaging of lefties, repeated by media outlets including New York Times, PBS and Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair Targets News-Making GOP Men in Sexy 'Beefcake' Calendar

The oft-criticized Republican Party gets hit again by the fashion magazine, one week prior to midterms.

CBS Early Show Promotes Palin-Bashing Vanity Fair Article

On Thursday's CBS Early Show, fill-in co-host Erica Hill interviewed Vanity Fair reporter Michael Joseph Gross about his article slamming Sarah Palin with outlandish accusations: "...we've watched ...

Vanity Fair Palin Antagonist: 'I Have a Lot in Common With This Woman'

Gross claims he wanted to defend Palin, but hit piece was 'forced on me by the facts.'

Vanity Fair Attacks Palin as Volatile, Angry, Fake

Unsourced hit piece attempts to depict 'sad and moldering strangeness' of Palin's life.

MSNBC Touts Bizarre Vanity Fair Piece on Republicans Costing Taxpayers Money by Opposing Spending

MSNBC's Monica Novotny on Friday highlighted a dubious Vanity Fair piece lamenting the "cost" of the Republican Party opposing Barack Obama's agenda. The News Live host talked to writers Duff ...

Vanity Fair Fears 'Texas Witch Trials' Will Erase the Civil Rights Movement from History Books

Henry Rollins warns of a 'return to the dim-bulb cruelty and religious fascism' of the past.

Vanity Fair: Letterman Affair was Just Dave Being Dave

Emotionally troubled star can't help it if women throw themselves at him, according to article.

Oliver Stone Made 'Wall Street' Sequel Because Capitalism Caused a 'collapse of our society.'

Left-wing director is the latest to proclaim the death of capitalism.

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll Asks If Obama Should Be Added to Mt. Rushmore

The first question in a poll conducted by CBS's 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair magazine asked Americans to nominate a fifth face for Mt. Rushmore and included Barack Obama among the contenders. While ...
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