After Railing About Secret GOP Money Buying the Election, Times Dumps GOP Claims of Dem Vote Fraud

Ian Urbina blames conservatives for forwarding myths of vote fraud: "In 2006, conservative activists repeatedly claimed that the problem of people casting fraudulent votes was so widespread that ...

McCain Campaign "Stoking" Unjust Fears of Vote Fraud

Katharine Seelye: McCain's comments "threw another log onto a fire already burning in the conservative blogosphere and on talk radio..."

Times Downplays Possible Ohio Vote Fraud, Fears "Widespread Problems" at Polls

A move by Ohio Republicans to halt possible vote fraud is spun by the Times: "Court Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters."

Adam Cohen Rehashes Old Conspiracy Theory - Was Max Cleland Robbed?

Editorial writer Adam Cohen is still mad over Democratic Sen. Max Cleland's 2002 loss, and cites suspicions from "skeptics" about "malicious software that changed votes."

Greenhouse Finds Voter ID Requirements "Objectionable"

Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse takes sides on an upcoming court case: "Well, what's objectionable about it is what kinds of IDs are people likely to have?...So the disparate impact of a ...

The Times Jumps to a Pro-Democrat Conclusion on Fla. Voting Machines

The Times jumps to a pro-Democrat conclusion in its lead story on Florida replacing its touch-screen voting machines: "In Sarasota County last November, more than 18,000 voters who used ...
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