Networks Ignore Violence at 'Peaceful' Occupy L.A., Play Up 'Party' Vibe

The Big Three network morning shows on Monday all reported on the possible showdown between Occupy L.A. protesters and the LAPD. NBC's Today and CBS's Early Show highlighted that the left-leaning ...

ABC's Muir and Klein Fret Tax Agreement Will Make Deficit 'Even Worse'

On ABC's World News Sunday, anchor David Muir and ABC's senior Washington correspondent Rick Klein fretted that the federal budget deficit would increase as a result of both the blocking of a tax ...

ABC: 'Concentration on Policy' Caused Obama's 'Shellacking,' No 'Mandate' to GOP for 'Gridlock'

On ABC's World News Sunday, correspondent David Kerley seemed to accept as fact President Obama's claim that "concentration on policy issues" was the reason for his party's recent election losses. ...

ABC Highlights Black Republicans Running for Congress

ABC's World News Sunday gave attention to black Republicans who have a good chance of getting elected in this year's congressional elections, focusing on Tim Scott of South Carolina and Ryan ...

ABC Obsessed with Alternative Sexual Lifestyles

Network's focus on sex does not leave room for critics.

ABC: Abortion Broadcasting Company

'World News Sunday' features a propaganda piece on late-term abortion.

Media: Tiller a Martyr, Abortion Not Killing and Pro-Lifers are Crazy

In reporting his murder, networks and blogs paint late-term abortionist Tiller as courageous defender of women.

ABC: Cutting Food Costs Can Lead to Obesity

'World News' says receding economy can cause expanding waistlines.

ABC: Evangelicals 'Buzzing' Over Obama

World News Sunday promotes unprecedented campaign to woo millions and highlights importance of the abortion issue in the process.

ABC Casts Stones at Evangelical Financial Advisers

Anchor Dan Harris challenges the 'quality' of advice proffered by counselors who apply Biblical principles to money, mortgages and credit cards.
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