Zero Dark Thirty

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ABC Touts Liberal Worries: 'Most Controversial' Zero Dark Thirty 'Glorifies Torture'

ABC touted the outrage liberals are now expressing over Zero Dark Thirty, complaining that the film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden "glorifies the torture of terror suspects." Sunday Good ...
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New York Times' Shane Calls Waterboarding 'Torture' on Front Page While Chiding 'Zero Dark Thirty''s Portrayal

New York Times intelligence reporter Scott Shane made the front page with a quasi-review of "Zero Dark Thirty," the critically acclaimed new release about the bin Laden raid that suggests ...
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NBC's Lauer Cites CIA 'Torture' Scenes in Bin Laden Movie, Asks Whether 'Ends Justified the Means'

During a segment on Thursday's NBC Today on the upcoming film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, co-host Matt Lauer wondered if scenes depicting "brutal interrogations" of ...
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