Being Pro-Life Is an "Extreme Position"?

Plus: "Installed" Bush has no mandate.
Being Pro-Life Is an "Extreme Position"?

- Jesse Green on pro-life actress Patricia Heaton, December 31.

Says Who?

Lead sentence of a January 11 Times editorial.

"Installed" Bush Has No Mandate
"This, after all, is the same president who lost the popular vote in 2000, was installed in the White House by a 5-to-4 vote of the Supreme Court and then governed as if he had won by a landslide." - Sheryl Gay Stolberg, January 11.
"Some Democrats may have hoped it would be the George W. Bush who contritely acknowledged a 'thumpin' for his party the day after the elections in November. But the evidence suggests it is more likely to be the man who all but ignored the disputed circumstances of his election in 2000, governed from then as if he had an expansive mandate and who - even as he has employed soothing tones in speaking to and about Democrats for the last two months - has gradually but firmly reasserted himself on both foreign and domestic policy." - Jim Rutenberg, January 4, 2007.

Why Does Africa Hate Us? Iraq
"The ceaselessness of Baghdad's bloodshed has greatly undermined the United States' credibility, fanned anti-American feelings in Muslim regions like the Horn of Africa, and drained resources that might otherwise have been available to address other problems." - Jeffrey Gettleman on anti-Americanism in Africa, December 24.

Yep, That About Sums It Up
"Mr. Frank and Representative Edward J. Markey, a fellow Massachusetts Democrat, pointed to another difference between incoming Democrats and the Republicans who took control in 1995 and saw their mission as one of purging Democrats and hobbling government." - Carl Hulse, December 27.

Rubbing In Dems Win
John Broder, January 5.

Dear Craig Smith: It's Not a "Witch Hunt" if They Actually Did It
"Warsaw's new archbishop, Stanislaw W. Wielgus, caught in Eastern Europe's widening witch hunt for former Communist secret police informers, admitted Friday that he had collaborated with the Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa, or Security Service, known as the S.B." - Craig Smith, January 6.