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Oh Be Gone, Garrison! Five Keillor Quotes to Make You Glad He’s Retiring

Thankfully, the nasty lefty radio host will soon leave the airwaves.
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A ‘Weak’ of Coverage: Networks Covered Komen 3X More than Abortion Videos

ABC, CBS, NBC show their true colors in PPFA coverage.
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Nothing to see here ...

The Fosters

'The Fosters' Preaches on Sin

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Brit Hume Slams ‘Stomach-Turning’ Abortion Industry’s ‘Veil of Antiseptic Tidiness’

Political analyst hopes one day Americans will regret legalizing abortion.
Becoming Us

'Becoming Us:' 'Carly' as 'Dad'

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‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell, Marines Angered by PC Anti-Gun Policies Surrounding Chattanooga

 They aren’t happy about the events in Chattanooga.
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News Anchor Slams Obama for ‘Be-Friendly-to-Jihadis’ Mentality

 ... and hits a nerve among Americans.
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In NY Times, Law Prof on Polygamy: ‘Is There Any Magic Power in the Number Two?'

‘The real force of the polygamy question is a lesson in humility.’
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MTV Bullies Kids, Makes Them Cry To Raise Awareness For ‘White Privilege’

 New documentary celebrates bullying children to promote an agenda.
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