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Gingrich: Media And Left Part of ‘Lynch Mob’ Over Indiana Law

Former GOP presidential candidate slams push to ‘elite’ views.
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Bozell: Network Censorship of Houston Mayor’s Subpoenas Part of Left’s ‘Relentless Assault on Free Speech’

Over the past two days, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have completely censored liberal Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s attempt to subpoena sermons of five pastors critical of the mayor, ...
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NY Times Covers A Few Million Gays More Than 76 Million Catholics

New graphing tool shows paper biased against religion that is one-fourth U.S. population.
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Nets Continue Push Against 'Very Controversial' Arizona Bill That Could 'Legalize Discrimination'

All three network morning shows on Tuesday continued the push against an Arizona bill that aims to protect the religious freedom of business owners who oppose gay marriage. According to CBS This ...
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Michael Sam: Hero or No?

Michael Sam comes out as gay but shouldn't be considered a hero.
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Lesbian Foster Couple Drama Returns to 'Family' TV Network

Latest pro-gay program will restart with two women kissing in bed.

Revenge Full of Twists

Revenge produced many twists and turns.

Modern Family: From Art to Propaganda

Modern Family becomes a full-blown propaganda work.
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How I Met Your Mother Disappoints in Final Season Premier

How I Met Your Mother season premier falls well short of a bang up job.
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Avril Lavigne’s Latest: Lesbian Make-Out Scene, Throwing Babies

‘Rock N Roll’ shows Lavigne embracing ‘Wonder Years’ star Danica McKellar.
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