Beck on ObamaCare: A Plan Octomom Would Love

While President Barack Obama’s health care plan is garnering plenty of media attention including two prominent spots on ABC, Fox News host Glenn Beck says the plan won’t even help the poor get insurance.

Beck appeared on FNC’s June 17 “Your World with Neil Cavuto” to promote his new book, “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine” and called into question the claim that Obama’s health care proposals will actually assist the poor.

“Look, it doesn’t even make sense,” Beck said. “When you start to look at it, they’re talking about savings, but their savings come from moving people from Medicaid over to universal health. We’re also leaving, I think it’s 33 or 39 million people off the roles. They – we’re not even talking about people who are making less than $33,000.”

Beck explained that this initiative by the Obama administration would help those with incomes in higher tax brackets, depending on their circumstances.

“But it’s not the poor,” Beck said. “We’re not even doing the poor with this bill. The poor are covered elsewhere. This is just everyone from Octomom. She’d be covered. She could make $230,000 a year or $222,000 a year and still get coverage, Octomom can. Jon plus Kate, and plus eight or whatever that is – they can also get covered up to $222,000.”

But, the Fox News host said the plan isn’t about helping people, but dismantling the U.S. health care system and strengthening the power of the federal government.

“I mean, what is this?” Beck said. “I thought we were helping the poor. It’s not helping the poor. This is – this is about destroying the health care system that we have right now.”