CBS Hypes Economic Optimism, Ignores Conflicting Reports

Newspaper headline roundup selectively cites positive economic opinion.

CBS “This Morning” cited an optimistic article about the economy in its “This Morning’s Headlines” roundup of newspaper headlines on February 11, but ignored a pessimistic one from the Wall Street Journal. 

The USA Today article cited was a front page story, concisely labeled “Economists Gain Optimism. The Wall Street Journal ran a contradictory front page story that same day entitled “Companies Fret Over Uncertain Outlook,” which was completely ignored. Instead, the Wall Street Journal article that CBS did cite was one entitled “Lonely Hearts Give Flirting 101 a Try” from page A15. 

The Wall Street Journal article said that, while the stock market had improved, “executives are less optimistic about the global economy and their own prospects, and many are lowering financial forecasts.” The USA Today article stated directly the opposite sentiment, saying that the economy will “shift into high gear this summer and then grow for the next nine months at the fastest pace in three years.” Both cited economists and threw around percentages and data, but only one was acknowledged by CBS. 

“A survey of economists by USA Today finds the economy will shift into high gear this summer. It’s then expected to grow for nine months at the fastest pace in three years. Economists expect job gains will quicken late this year. It could mean unemployment falling to 7.5 percent” “This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose said.