Dan Savage: America has a ‘Christianity and a Bible problem’

Man thrown out of talk says anti-bullying speaker claimed ‘pope is projecting’ or ‘pope is secretly gay.’

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of Dan Savage’s comments, there are some potentially offensive words included in this story.

The media have been glossing over militant gay activist Dan Savage’s brutal war on Christians during a talk at Elmhurst College last week. Conservative activist Peter LaBarbera claims he was removed from the “It Gets Better” founder's event after LaBarbera expressed his Christian views, and attempted to question Savage about his vile attack on conservative presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

This latest attack on Christians comes just days after more than 100 Christian high students walked out on Savage after he called them "pansy-assed" at a journalism conference in California and said offensive things about Christianity.

According to LaBarbera the “anti-bullying” bigotry was laced with profanity and filthy and distorted accusations about believing Christians. “Savage made wildly inappropriate comments,” he said. At one point Savage “claimed the only thing stopping his dick from being put in Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper,” LaBarbera said, apparently referencing comments about the pope.

Savage responded on Twitter to LaBarbera’s claims calling his own actions “civil” and branded LaBarbera a “liar.” He then touted that LaBarbera “bore false witness.”

LaBarbera described a lengthy list of Savage’s hateful dialogue, none of which has been published or featured in the video clips released of his talk. “He was especially obscene about Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins, declaring everything Perkins does causes gays to commit suicide. He said every dead gay kid is a rhetorical victory for Tony Perkins and Perkins stands on their dead bodies,” LaBarbera said.

Savage was recently interviewed by CNN where he rebuked the network for inviting Perkins to speak. “There are no two sides to the issues of gay and lesbian rights and right now one side is using dehumanizing rhetoric, and yet the leaders of these groups like Tony Perkins are welcomed on to CNN to espouse hate,” he accused.

LaBarbera also said Savage told the audience America has a “Christianity and a Bible problem” and that Americans need to ignore what the Bible says about gays. He admitted the goal of his It Gets Better foundation is “to talk to kids whether their parents want us to or not. From the outset there was an outstretched middle finger.”

Savage’s message is able to reach millions of kids via YouTube, and the social media company is known for catering to lefty interests. YouTube changed everything, it is a platform for distorted messages, LaBarbera argued.

According to LaBarbera, Savage wasn’t afraid to make uncouth slurs about the pope and Catholicism either. “He said the pope is projecting, which translates to the pope is secretly gay," said LaBarbera. "He said the pope believes once gays marriage is widespread then all people will forget which hole shits babies.”

After listening to Savage spew his revolting rhetoric, LaBarbera confronted Savage about his malicious attack on conservative presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Savage famously created SpreadingSantorum.com and started a “Google bomb” with the definition of Santorum as: “The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.” Many left-wing websites linked to that definition, boosting its online popularity. In the past, Savage also claimed he would love to hate-fuck Santorum.

LaBarbera said his mic was shut off so the audience could not hear Savage’s appalling definition of Santorum, and Savage vehemently defended his disgusting act. He said he would never take the website down, and hopefully someday the Santorum kids could correct their father. He had absolutely no remorse, only defiance, LaBarbera said about Savage’s response.

LaBarbera said he turned to the crowd and told them Christians do not want kids bullied and neither does Tony Perkins. When he returned to his seat the woman next to him took his coat and belongings and threw them into the aisle.

LaBarbera said he was then escorted from the event because of his “disruptive behavior.”

“I was not a heckler and I was not belligerent. I only asked a question and all I wanted to do was hear the rest of the talk,” LaBarbera said.

LaBarbera is pushing for Elmhurst College to release the entire, un-doctored video of Savage’s talk, and they should take responsibility for Savage’s bullying instead of propagandizing it. “What is Elmhurt’s policy? 90% of the audience was laughing at these gross, perverted jokes. Are there any moral standards or decency here?” LaBarbera questioned.

Dan Savage continues to be supported by the White House and the media, further contributing to America’s culture decline. Savage has made repeated controversial and bigoted statements has also said he "wishes all Republicans were fucking dead" but still is allowed to give “sex advice” to kids. “Dan Savage is the face of progressive-hate and he himself is a walking hate-crime,” LaBarbera said.

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality said it will release the complete unedited footage of Savage’s talk on its website in the next few days. “We want the whole world to evaluate Dan Savage,” LaBarbera said.

An Elmhurst College’s spokesperson could not be reached for comment about the talk.