Dems Hand GOP 'Stinging Defeat' in Senate, But GOP Won House Despite 'Deep Disapproval,' Partisanship

The Democrats tightened their grip on the Senate in yesterday's voting, making the New York Times' front page. Reporter Jonathan Weisman forthrightly hailed the Democrats.

Democrats snatched Republican Senate seats in Indiana and Massachusetts on Tuesday, averted what once were considered likely defeats in Missouri and Montana, and held control of the Senate, handing Republicans a string of stinging defeats for the second campaign season in a row.

In contrast, reporter Jennifer Steinhauer sounded sour in her opening paragraph on the GOP maintaining control of the House of Representatives, starting out with a negative characterization of the Republican-led Congress:

Deep disapproval of Congress and dissatisfaction with partisan division appeared no match for Congressional incumbency on Tuesday, as Republicans seemed to have retained a firm hold on the House of Representatives, assuring the continuation of divided government for at least another two years.