ESPNW Columnist Celebrates Former Biden Aide's Impact on Adrian Peterson Punishment

Pressure from left impacting NFL discipline procedures.

ESPNW Columnist Jane McManus, in an “Outside The Lines” appearance on Thursday evening celebrated democrat operative and former long term Joe Biden staffer Cynthia Hogan “for playing a significant roll leading to the suspension of  Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson without pay for the entire 2014 season.”  

 Hogan’s role with the NFL that began in 2013, drastically increased in September to Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs, following a month-long campaign calling for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign. That campaign was lead and orchestrated by high ranking democrats and powerful left wing groups, including the National Organization of Women (NOW).

It now looks like all of that hard work from the left is paying off, to the point of being a key factor in disciplining players.  

 “Outside the Line’s” guest host Andy Katz asked McManus, “How did Roger Godell suddenly pull a 180 in becoming a role model in how to handle this sort of discipline?”

McManus responded: 

I think it goes back to creating a new domestic violence policy, because when that happened they invited in experts on violence and anti violence experts. And a lot of the people who weren’t in the room for that two game suspension that was handed down to Ray Rice, were in the room this time when they were debating what kind of a suspension to give Adrian Peterson. Some of those people where Lisa Friel, a former prosecutor and expert on these issues, Cynthia Hogan, and Anna Isaacson, and they all had a say in what happened.

McManus went on to tout the league's violence education effort lead by Hogan. “They (Hogan, Friel, and Isaacson) have been doing this massive education program,” McManus said. “They are putting a power point out, it’s a one hour session, its going out to all teams, it’s gone out to about half of the teams so far, and that power point has sections on domestic violence, sexual assault, and it also has child abuse because of Adrian Peterson.”   

Before covering sports McManus served as a professor adjunct professor at The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

— Geoff Harbaugh is Writer at the Media Research Center. Follow Geoff Harbaugh on Twitter.