Fetch My Smelling Salts! Jessa Duggar Got Her Gun

Liberal tabloid media fabricates outrage amongst fans over ‘controversial’ photo.

The liberal media will do anything to take a dig at the Duggar family, stars of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” but this is just weak. The online gossip rag mags, Radaronline, National Enquirer, Examiner , Hollywood Gossip, and Star have their tabloid skirts over their heads about the photo of Jessa Duggar posing with a gun.

The photo depicts Jessa Duggar holding a gun in a store with the caption, “My AWESOME girlfriend. #DontmesswithJessa.” The picture was posted to Facebook on May 19th by her boyfriend, Ben Seewald. Tabloid magazines did some serious investigating to find this obscure picture posted close to a month ago. 

Radaronline won the award for longest headline ever: “Gun-Toting Duggar Daughter! ‘Courting’ Daughter Jessa Slammed For Posing With Rifle, But Her Boyfriend Fits Right In With Conservative Family.” 

“It looks like Jessa Duggar’s gun-loving, abortion hating boyfriend is going to fit right in with her conservative family!” the piece read. Wasn’t there an important Kardashian wedding or something Radaronline could cover instead.

In case you didn’t know, Radar wanted it clear that the Duggers aren’t like us sophisticates. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are “making sure that their children are following in their traditionalist footsteps.” And the “storm of outrage” on the Facebook photo is highly inaccurate, given that the majority of comments are positive and the photo had 448 likes. 

“Wow, would Jesus carry that weapon?” was the only sneering comment against the photo that Radaronline, includes. 

Examiner.com also contributed to the drama, whilst looking down from their high horse, “Ben didn't seem ashamed at all to post the picture.” What exactly there is to be ashamed about is unclear. 

Examiner continued to say, “A lot of fans are not happy about it and were responding telling him exactly how they feel.”

Again, the total of “unhappy” comments is 15 (many written by the same person over and over again) and the total of supportive comments is 31. 

The National Enquirer got in on the “controversy,” essentially repeating the Radaronline article but giving its thesaurus a workout with fancy words like “conflagration.” 

All of the gossip magazines concluded their articles by mentioning the Duggar’s and Ben Seewald’s Pro-Life advocacy in a negative light, boiling the issue down to an overall disdain for conservative values.