‘GCB’: Come for the Christian-Baiting, Stay for the Bad Sex Jokes

If “Love is Patient” then why does “GCB” feel the need to devote an entire episode solely to sexual self-gratification in marriage?

On March 18, the “Good Christian” show spent 40 minutes focusing on the sexual frustrations of married couples and touting remedies such as “googling the Holy Spirit and horny” and heading to the Bible bookstore to buy “guides to spicy Scripture,” and no that last one is not referring to a cookbook.

“GCB’s” trend of maliciously using Christian terms takes a wild turn when Carlene Cockburn’s husband can’t get his “steeple to stand up straight.” The two must resort to religious role-play as Heaven’s first “original sinners” Adam and Eve to amp up their pillow play, the most juvenile twist on religious imagery yet.

The adolescent sex talk was accompanied by the show’s usual instances of attacking Christianity while pushing adultery and a gay subplot.

In just three episodes, the anything-but-Christian show has chalked up more than 100 anti-Christian remarks, gags and plot twists, in a calculated attempt to offend believers. Now, with an episode full of moronic sex jokes, they seem want to alienate everyone but teenage boys.

A recap of the first two episodes of "GCB's" worst moments can be viewed here.