Features Racy Racer in New Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl is – or should be – typically a family-friendly event: an annual occasion in which dad, mom, and the kids gather around their television set to see the top two NFL teams battle it out, enjoy an entertaining half-time show, and laugh at the ridiculous commercials. But as of late, the Super bowl entertainment has been controversial, and this year is no exception.

Two naked women in a shower or a woman exposing her “enhanced” chest in front of the Congress? You choose!

That's right. This year, has asked people to vote on their website for which revealing ad of Indy racer Danica Patrick they would like aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

After the 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” controversy affectionately now known as “Nipplegate,” many wonder why NBC would air such a commercial. But NBC apparently has some standards, as it has recently rejected the animal rights group PETA's sexy vegetable ad. An NBC spokesperson told the Washington Post that “the ad was rejected because it did not conform with our standards.”

But those standards apparently are met by young men salivating over two women in a shower, or busty women exposing themselves in a courtroom.

Danica Patrick is arguably the most famous female race car driver, and her image is one of a sexy, determined woman who can play with the boys. has decided to use her in an ad that features young men who, with the help of “can make anything happen” online, wish to see Patrick shower multiple times a day.

“Suddenly, I have the urge to take another shower… this is my fifth shower today.” Patrick says while dropping her robe and stepping into a glass shower to wash her hair. The guys then decided to add Miss Schmidt, the “German woman from the dean's office,” and viewers see a sexy blonde pop up in the shower with Patrick.

The second ad is a spoof on the Major League Baseball players who testified before Congress about steroid use. The ad features multiple sexy women who declare before a congressional committee that they have not “enhanced.” Patrick then admits she has “enhanced” her image with After Patrick's confession, a busty brunette exclaims, “I'll show you enhanced,” and begins to strip what little clothing is on her breasts before the commercial abruptly ends., a website for internet users to purchase domain names, has been known to do some risqué advertising to get attention. Last year, an ad featuring Patrick was similarly rejected because of a double entendre involving beavers.

NBC nixes a controversial vegetable ad, but will allow the controversial ads to run. “Standards” aren't supposed to be selectively applied.

Erin Brown is an intern with the Culture & Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center. .