‘Good Christian’ Bashing Show Gets Racial

New episode ‘Forbidden Fruit’ brings anti-Christian attacks to total of 137.

ABC seems to delight in playing the part of the snake in the Garden of Eden. The fifth episode in its Christian hate-mongering series “GCB” unleashed some forbidden fruits of its own, with more religious slurs and a few racial digs.

Sunday’s sacrilegious episode included a knock on African-American churches, when character Cricket performed an overly dramatic rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Her daughter’s friend commented that Cricket “doesn’t even sound like a white woman.”

Resident housewife Sharon found passion in the church, and her husband accused her of being attracted to the pastor. Sharon is severely affronted and exclaims, “Being attracted to a pastor is the HOV lane to hell! No one should EVER be attracted to a minister.”

Obviously ABC’s lefties believe all Christian ministers are hopelessly unattractive with absolutely no marriage prospects.

“Forbidden Fruit” ended by focusing on the typical liberal view on Christian conversion. The left is notorious for depicting the spread of Christianity as militant and bigoted, shown when main mean-girl Carlene Cockburn says she has almost “worn-down” a few visiting Sikhs into attending Sunday school.

“I saw a table of turbans and I went for it,” Carlene said.

“GCB” is suffering in the ratings. According to The Wrap, “'GCB' slid 10 percent,” dropping to 5.8 million total viewers.