Good Friday: Google Celebrates Earth, Ignores Jesus

This year, Good Friday and Earth Day fall on the same day and internet giant Google has chosen to prop up the liberal eco-celebration, and ignore a sacred Christian holiday celebrated by billions worldwide.

For nearly 2,000 years, Christians and Catholics around the world have celebrated the day Jesus Christ died upon the cross at Calvary for the sins of the world - but by looking at Google, you wouldn't know that today is that day. Google's homepage, famous for its ever changing logo to reflect important holidays, accomplishments and achievements, is not displaying any acknowledgement of the Christian holiday known as 'Good Friday.'

Adorable pandas eating bamboo shoots, penguins perched on glaciers, fish jumping in a waterfall and cartoon trees grace the Google homepage on this Good Friday, 2011.

The company has instead decided to portray its logo hidden in a lush animated garden to commemorate 'Earth Day.' Earth Day, while internationally recognized as a day for the eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, was concocted 41 years ago, born out of the anti-war hippy movement and spawned in part by Rachel Carson's book, 'Silent Spring.'

Earth Day hardly bears the weight of any sacred celebration. But Google is merely falling into lockstep with the liberal media in choosing to worship the creation, rather than the Creator.

The Culture and Media Institute found that 65 percent of stories that discussed 'Easter' among network evening news shows in 2010 were negative, and 91 percent of those stories connected the holiday with the pedophilia scandal that surrounded the Catholic Church. Not surprisingly, every Earth Day story that ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly news shows broadcasted were glowingly positive about saving Mother Earth.