Howard Dean Doesn't See a Dem Mandate, But Times Reporter Does

Political reporter Adam Nagourney manages to get to the left of Howard Dean.

Is Times political reporter Adam Nagourney outflanking DNC Chairman Howard Dean on the Democratic left?

That appears to be the case, judging bySunday's report from Jeff Zeleny on Dean's weekend speech in Washington, "Democratic Leader Reminds Party That Victory Is No Mandate." (The online headline is different.)

Zeleny quotes Dean: "'The other party made mistakes in the past claiming that elections are mandates. Elections are not mandates. The voters of this country loaned the Democrats the power of the country for two years. Now it's our job to earn it back again.''

That seems to put Dean to the right of Times reporter Adam Nagourney, who said in an online in-house interviewon November 8, as the margin of the Democratic victory in the House was being tallied: ""Twenty-five votes is a lot of votes and that's what it is right now, it could be more by the time we finish counting. And that's a large margin. And, first of all, that means the Democratic Party can clearly claim a mandate and their party leaders will have a lot of flexibility in trying to build coalitions to get stuff through."