Huffington Post Journalist Admits ‘Gay Marriage Opens the Door’ for Polygamy ‘and Other Things’

Liberal host admits to notion conservatives have been saying all along

Slate made waves with their article advocating for polygamy on April 16. On a Huff Po Live segment later that week with the article author Jillian Keenan, Huffington Post host Abby Huntsman agreed that polygamy is the next natural step to legalizing same sex marriage:

“That’s why I wanted to have everyone in this conversation because as we talk about legalizing gay marriage, that does open the gate – that opens the door – to legalizing polygamy – and-and-other things.”

Abby Huntsman is daughter to little-known former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Huntsman was embraced by the media for his socially liberal views and conservative bashing, but received hardly any primary votes. His daughter followed his lead, frequently calling for Republicans to be more liberal.

Huntsman’s admission came after fellow liberal HuffPo journalist Marc Lamont-Hill made a similar confession earlier that day in his segment on the media’s [lack of] coverage of the Gosnell trial: “Whether you agree with abortion or not, I do think there's a direct connection between the media's failure to cover this and our own political commitments on the left.”

While Hill admitted to media bias, Huntsman’s statement that gay marriage will open the way for polygamy and other kinds of marriage, is something conservatives have been saying for a long time, yet the liberal media has ridiculed this idea as ludicrous.

MSNBC host Luke Russert and CNN’s Piers Morgan, among others, have scoffed at conservatives for bringing up this very point that Huntsman admits to. Now they are embracing it.

NPR casually talked about polygamy being legalized recently, and TLC’s show “Sister Wives” as well as HBO’s “Big Love” have tried to assimilate and normalize the idea into our culture already. As we have seen with gay marriage, once the news media and television embraces it as normal and good, public opinion begins to shift. Huntsman’s admission was an honest look at where the country is headed if we embrace same-sex marriage.