HuffPo Gushes Over Gay ‘Noah’s Ark’

‘Gay Voices’ blog hypes gay painting fundraiser for SSM.

Twisting Bible stories for the gay agenda? Yup, that’s right up HuffPo’s alley. 

The Huffington Post’s “Gay Voices” blog was all praise yesterday for gay artist Paul Richmond’s schlocky painting called “Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise,” which depicts gay couples aboard the Ark. HuffPo lauded Richmond’s work as a “whimsical, gay twist on the biblical narrative.”

(Gee, what’s next? A rewrite of the Gospels to claim Jesus was gay? Oh, wait, HuffPo already tried hyping that one. In fact, it’s quite a common trope on the left.) 

The painting portrays gay couples – both human and animal – in romantic poses aboard the boat. Noah and his wife are absent, but conspicuous onboard are LGBT celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John, and the characters from “Brokeback Mountain.” Richmond said he meant the painting to “express a sense of hope and optimism about our fight for marriage equality.”

“I chose to symbolize our eventual victory with my own version of the Noah’s Ark story,” explained Richmond, “complete with happy gay and lesbian animal couples and even some drowning sinners.”

Who are the “drowning sinners?” HuffPo identifies them as “right-wing pundits and Westboro Baptist Church members”; they also include a man holding a “Yes on 8” sign in support of California’s  Proposition 8, and a guitar with (pro-traditional-marriage) singer Pat Boone’s name scrawled on it.

Richmond has a history of provocative LGBT paintings, including a series called “Cheesecake Boys,” which almost exclusively depicts butt-baring gays losing their clothes or posing in their underwear.  By comparison, “Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise,” is pretty tame.

But the Ark painting is a few years old, according to the artist, so why did HuffPo bring it up now? Why, to push the gay agenda prior to the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, of course. 

Richmond revealed that he is participating in the “C-Bus of Love” program led by a LGBT group called MarriageEvolved. He updated his painting to include the gay founders of MarriageEvolved, and is selling copies of the revised painting to fund the program--which plans to help 25 LGBT couples to get “married” on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Of course, HuffPo is just staying on the bandwagon of media excitement and pro-gay bias leading up to the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. But maybe HuffPo and Richmond are just a little bit behind on their Bible stories, or at least their biology. Noah’s Ark was supposed to be filled with male-and-female couples who would repopulate the flooded world.  If they were all gay and lesbian, like Richmond’s fantasy, well …life on Planet Earth could have died out with the Great Flood after all.