Journalists’ Union: ‘We are the 99%!’

Union also in same campaign with and Common Cause.

As preposterous as it sounds, some union journalists believe they’re “the 99%.” At least that’s what they chant. 

The Communications Workers of America (CWA), which represents journalists and other communications workers, has shown again just how far left it really is. On its website, CWA posted a video from its protest against Verizon, aka “verigreedy.” The protest resembles more an Occupy Wall Street demonstration, and small wonder, since CWA openly supports Occupy.

On the video, CWA members can be heard chanting “We are the 99%!,” and holding signs that appear to be union-made saying “Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Verizon, Occupy Everything.”

On their “verigreedy” campaign page, CWA also claims to be a “Proud Member Of: 99% Power.” 99% Power is a coalition of people “united together to build an economy and a democracy that works for all us [sic], not just for the 1%.” Among its partners in 99% Power are typical left-wing organizations, like, Common Cause, and SEIU.

Promoting left wing causes is nothing new for this union representing journalists. Previously the BMI reported how the CWA head chafed at the “limits of democracy” as he laid out his left-wing bucket list to, well, reclaim democracy. The Newspaper Guild, part of the CWA, previously applauded Obama for his gay marriage views.