Lefty Comedian Tells Pro-Lifers To Go ‘F*ck Themselves’

Winstead’s tour promotes Planned Parenthood support.

Oh those clever, clever liberals. In the recent YouTube release of her documentary, “Smear Campaign”, Lizz Winstead tells pro-lifers to go f*ck themselves if they oppose Planned Parenthood. Comedy gold! 

In response to the shift of taxpayers dollars away from Planned Parenthood in 2011, Winstead embarked on a comedy + abortion activism tour across the major cities in America, attempting to mix abortion boosterism with humor. 

Throughout a 26-minute short film about the tour, Winstead relies on name calling and blanket condemnations of pro-lifers: “I’m tired of the narrative being co-opted constantly by the people who are at the height of their agenda who are just anti-sex extremists.” 

Yes. Of course pro-life people are anti-sex. That’s why so many pro-life families have 8+ children- it’s because they hate sex. But it’s nice of Winstead to clarify that she thinks of abortion as just another form of birth control, instead of the “safe, legal and rare” obfuscation less honest liberals engage in. 

In reference to protester presence at her show (i.e. Pro-lifers), Winstead states while driving in her car, “…anybody who says that they would like to end abortion in this country by removing all access to birth control is somebody who should not be allowed to be at the table and a part of the conversation.” 

Sorry Lizz, if you want our tax dollars to subsidize abortions and birth control, we do get to be “part of the conversation.” 

Produced by One Small Step Films, the documentary follows Winstead’s abortion comedy skits, her appearance on radio talk shows, and her rants in her car about the pro-life movement. All the while a song strongly reminiscent of the theme from zombie flick ‘28 Days Later’ plays for ambience. 

Winstead wrote on boingboing.net about her fear of being attacked during the tour,

“I was excited, but I was also scared of what these anti-choice psychos had become. Would they come after us?” The deranged and violent psycho pro-lifers are featured in the documentary singing hymns and praying. Still, you can never be sure when one will attack. 

Winstead is asked by an interviewer: “Do you think you can make people laugh who do not share your political views?”She replied: “If you’re somebody in this political landscape who, let’s say, just dismisses science and is a biblical literalist, you probably won’t like me.” 

Of course, when the very last line of your movie tells them to “go f*ck yourself,” there really isn’t too much to laugh about anyway.