Lefty Media Love Profane, Anti-Catholic Disney ‘Art’

Gay drug use in the Magic Kingdom? Sign HuffPo up!

It’s all for the art, man

José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, the artist behind the exhibition called ‘Profanity Pop’ has taken his “art” to an irreligious level, depicting Mickey Mouse as Christ, Daisy duck as the Virgin Mary holding pregnancy test, and a priest giving communion to Jessica Rabbit. Predictably, Ontiveros is a hit with liberals. 

Ontiveros described his collection as a “celebration of creative freedom in our time."

Attacking the Catholic Church in pop-culture is so creative and original. Nobody’s ever done that before

Cosmopolitan magazine regarded the photos of the “Disney Princesses Misbehaving” as just feeling “right.” 

How dysfunctional do you need to be to find a depiction of Minnie Mouse smoking a bong as “right”?

Despite lamenting that her childhood self was “crying on the inside,” from seeing the “unseeable” Ontiveros images, Huffington Post writer Priscilla Frank described the collection as “Wonderfully warped depictions of Disney classics.” 

And according to Frank, Ontiveros isn’t just making a buck while insulting all the right people. This is art

Beneath the surface, most of Ontiveros’ artworks harken back to classic themes of mythology, religion and power -- the stuff on which art history was founded. While it's strange to see Mickey and co. exploring the dark underbellies of these taboo territories, it's also clear that Ontiveros isn't just going for shock value.

If the above paragraph is satire, bravo to Frank. If not – if she really believes drug use, homosexuality and anti-Catholicism are “taboo territories” in modern society – she needs to get out more.

If Cosmo and Huffington Post truly relish taboo “art” how about Disney character’s mocking Islam? Yet again, the Catholic Church is the punching bag for the hypocrites of pop-culture and the liberal media.