Liberal Cliche Alert: Times Gears Up for Immigration 'Reform' for 'Undocumented...Coming Out of the Shadows'

The New York Times' starkly one-sided treatment of illegal immigration promises only to get worse in 2013. A preview: Thursday's edition of the paper's political podcast was solely devoted to immigration, or what the paper called "A Closer Look at Immigration Reform," in anticipation of amnesty proposals being pushed by illegal immigration activists.

Host Megan Liberman hit the trifecta of liberal Times cliches just past the five-minute mark after interviewing the paper's pro-amnesty reporter Julia Preston, packing three different liberal immigration cliches into one sentence: "This year's debate will feature a relatively new voice: undocumented immigrants who are coming out of the shadows to demand reform."

The Times often uses the evasive, politically correct terminology of "undocumented" instead of the more accurate "illegal." "Coming out of the shadows" is a standard Times cliche (even though those frightened immigrants seem perfectly willing to have their pictures taken). And "reform" is a reliable substitute for "a position the New York Times approves of."