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Liberal Cliche Alert: Times Gears Up for Immigration 'Reform' for 'Undocumented...Coming Out of the Shadows'

Times journalist Megan Liberman packed three different liberal immigration cliches into one sentence: "This year's debate will feature a relatively new voice: undocumented immigrants who are ...
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NYTimes' Journos Agree: Romney Clip 'Devastating,' Feeds Into Idea He 'Doesn't Care About Regular People'

TimesCast host Megan Liberman: "...is this video really as devastating as a lot of people on both the right and the left are saying that it is?....[the clip] seems to feed perfectly into the ...
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NYT Partner Ben Smith: Conservatives Complaining Over Obama-Care on Twitter 'Totally Insane,' 'Not Very Bright'

Ben Smith, who is partnering with the Times for campaign coverage, mocked the reaction of individual conservatives on Twitter to the Supreme Court's ruling on Obama-Care: "I mean, shockingly, ...
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