Maher Mocks American Electorate: 'They're Like a Dog,' 'Too Stupid'

It's hard to tell what the end goal of HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher's is with his constant barrage of elitist shots at the American public. Does he think demeaning the average citizens is the best way to win people over on whatever issue he is carping about on that given day?

On the Oct. 26 broadcast of TBS's “Lopez Tonight,” Maher took a couple of cynical and contemptible jabs at the America people. After expressing his disappointment in the Obama administration for not agreeing to abide by the will of California voters should Proposition 19 pass and decriminalize marijuana, he explained it was the role of President Barack Obama's party to steer the country in a particular direction, albeit in some very unflattering terms.

“I mean, that's so disappointing,” Maher said. “You know – that's the problem with this country. They say that there's not enough bipartisanship. There's too much. If there's two parties and they're both against weed, what do we have? I mean what's the point of having Democrats? We have Democrats for one reason – to drag the ignorant hillbilly-half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th.”

“Lopez Tonight” host George Lopez asked Maher to grade the president to date, despite a falling approval rating, high unemployment and some policy measures that have been too far-reaching for conservatives and not far-reaching enough for liberals. According to the perpetually contemptuous HBO host, Obama deserved high marks.

“You know, I mean Democrats are always a little disappointing,” he said. “That's why they're Democrats. But given the hand he was dealt, I give him an A.”

The cause of the president's falling approval ratings according to Maher: It's not the president or his leadership, but the public's perception. The “Real Time” host explained the America electorate was not enlightened enough to assess how well Obama was performing and he demeaned the “American electorate” by likening them to a dog.

I'll tell you this about Americans – about the American electorate, the voter,” Maher said. “They love a winner. You know, as soon as he passed health care, [his approval rating] went up 15 points. They don't understand the issues. They're too stupid. They're like a dog. They can understand inflection. They can understand fear. They can understand dominance. They don't understand issues. But when he won on that issue, he went up.”

In Maher's view, the president and embattled professional golfer Tiger Woods should take some cues from him. He suggested if they would put some wins on the scoreboard, their problems would be solved.

“I tell you something – if Tiger Woods had come back and won the Masters, he could have murdered all those girls he was [expletive],” Maher continued. “But he didn't win and therefore America turned on him because they're like, 'We're pissed off and it's not right to try to [expletive] every waitress in America. Some of us are still waiting for bread.”

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