Matthews: People 'Ought to Be Fearful' of Hillary Being Elected

     You know troubled times are looming if Hillary Clinton is elected president when even the once-top aide to the former liberal Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and MSNBC “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews says so.

     Matthews appeared on CNBC’s October 29 “Mad Money” to discuss his new book, “Life's a Campaign: What Politics Has Taught Me About Friendship, Rivalry, Reputation, and Success,” with host Jim Cramer.

     “I know that most people are very fearful of Hillary being elected,” Cramer said.

     “Well, they ought to be fearful,” Matthews responded. “Democrats raise taxes and Hillary already said she's going to repeal the Bush tax cuts. The Republicans start this election with their hole card, the ace showing – they’re going to keep taxes lower. That’s always a big plus for Republicans.”

     Matthews was an equal opportunity basher – doling out criticism to the Bush administration also.

     “Don't put up a sign that says ‘Mission Accomplished’ before war even starts – that's one rule,” Matthews said, responding to a question about “over-promising and under-delivering.”

     Matthews also compared politics to business, making the analogy that paying debts was what occurred when newly-elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) supported Rep. Jack Murtha’s (D-Penn.) failed attempt to win the House Majority Leader seat in January – conjuring up memories of Murtha being an unindicted co-conspirator in the “Abscam” investigation of the late 1970s and 1980.

     “You have to understand how you got the job and you got to remember your supply line and one thing Pelosi does since her father was mayor of Baltimore all those years is remember your favors list. Those are the people who put you there and make sure they're paid off and kept happy. That's what she did when she took the side of Jack Murtha in that leadership fight earlier this year. Sure Murtha lost, but everybody saw Nancy being loyal.”

     Who does Matthews think will be the Republican nominee?

     “Rudy with all the rough edges,” Matthews added. “It’s Rudy. He's the one that looks like a leader. That’s what I think.”