Miss RI: Miss California Being Attacked for Stance for Traditional Marriage

It looks like Miss California Carrie Prejean's title is in jeopardy, as Miss California officials appointed first alternate Tami Farrell to attend all events on May 11 and Donald Trump set to announce the fate of Prejean Tuesday, May 12. The ostensible reason is the emergence of revealing pictures of her. But the publication of those photos was a clear attempt to smear Miss California for her defense of traditional marriage at the Miss USA competition in April.

After weeks of controversy, CBS' “The Early Show” finally interviewed a guest on May 11 that defended Prejean and provided another view point.

Current Miss Rhode Island Alysha Castonguay told anchor Maggie Rodriguez that she too had had an incident in which a revealing photo – more  risqué than Prejean's – was published in Maxim. Castonguay told the pageant about it and was allowed to remain in the competition.

Of Prejean's situation, Castonguay  said, “I don't know if I would've came forward with them, you know, and let them know that there were pictures out there. I wouldn't have thought that they would ever be published.”

Rodriguez then asked the obvious question: Were the leaked photos part of an attempt to punish Prejean “because she went public and has continued to be so public about her views on same-sex marriage?”

Casonguay said yes, and indicated that she believed the campaign against Prejean began with the original incident, not her subsequent statements or actions. “I think it's from the answer that she gave that night onstage. And, you know, I think that everybody needs to be prepared to hear both ways that that question could've been answered. It was her opinion.”

Since the Miss USA pageant, Prejean has made an advertisement with the National Organization for Marriage, and appeared on “Hannity,” James Dobson's Christian radio show and in other conservative media.