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On Hannity, Imams Deny ISIS's War Crimes, Islamic Faith of Beheading Suspect

On Fox News's Hannity on Monday, Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary accused the Western media and Blackwater of framing ISIS for the atrocities that the terrorist group has freely admitted to. When ...
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Predictable: Libs Sneer at Phil Robertson’s ISIL Views

Duck Dynasty star’s ‘convert or kill’ comment draws ire.
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MRC's Bozell on 'Hannity': Media Must 'Call Out' Obama's 'Systematic Dishonesty' on Gas Prices

Appearing on the February 23 Hannity on Fox News for the weekly Media Mash segment, Media Research Center president Brent Bozell exposed the media attempts to downplay high gas prices and ...

Video: Opening Segment from Hannity's 'Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media'

On Friday night, the Fox News Channel debuted a Hannity special, 'Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media.' The hour began with what Sean Hannity described as "how and why this bias began," ...

Michael Moore: Foreclosed Homeowners Like Rape Victims

Filmmaker tells Sean Hannity blaming irresponsible borrowers 'like asking a woman how short was your skirt after she's been raped.'

Miss RI: Miss California Being Attacked for Stance for Traditional Marriage

CBS finally asks somebody the right question in regards to Carrie Prejean.

CNBC: Obama Win 'Great' for Limbaugh, Hannity; Future Questionable for Olbermann, Maddow

Co-hosts of 'Squawk Box' discuss the future of 'incendiary' cable shows.
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