New York Times Again Embraces Occupy Wall Street a Theatre Review

Every edition of the New York Times provides more evidence how deeply the leftism of Occupy Wall Street has seeped into its collective consciousness. Yet another random reference to OWS's favorite piece of propaganda, "the 99 percent," or alternately the "1 percent," popped up this time in Thursday's Arts section, in Ben Brantley's review of the off-Broadway play "Job." Can you imagine a Tea Party slogan taking similar hold in the imagination of Times reporters?

Satan (a perfectly smug and resentful Stephen Stout), God’s brother, drops in to visit, and this heavenly household is filled with laughter and bickering, sibling rivalry and fraternal bear hugs. If these beings are more capricious and less careful than the people on earth, with whose destinies they play as if they were video games, that’s because they need never fear painful consequences. (You may infer parallels with today’s economic 1 percent, if you choose, but [director Thomas] Bradshaw isn’t asking you to.)