99 Percent

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Not Very 99 Percent: Singer Mariah Carey Shows Off Her 28 Shelves of Shoes

Artist supported lefty crusaders for equality, including MoveOn.org, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
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Occupy Wall Street Documentary Promotes ‘99%’ Just in Time for OWS Anniversary

Newly released Sundance film celebrates the ‘inspiring’ legacy of the anti-capitalist movement.
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Upcoming Damon Film Takes Class Warfare to Final Frontier

Set in 2159, only the richest can inhabit space colony ‘Elysium,’ while poor ‘rot in their own filth’ on Earth.
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DC Comics Releases Series Based on Occupy Wall Street

New comic ‘The Movement’ to release May 1, but will it mention OWS violence?.
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New York Times Again Embraces Occupy Wall Street Propaganda...in a Theatre Review

Every edition of the Times provides more evidence how deeply the leftism of Occupy Wall Street has seeped into its collective consciousness. This time there was an arbitrary reference to one ...
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