Nickelodeon Still Stands by Jason Biggs Foul Tweets

Biggs continues to re-tweet F-bomb and graphic sexual language.

Warning: This post contains graphic sexual language.

In September, actor Jason Biggs came under fire for trading in filthy and perverted tweets and he’s still associated with kid’s television network, Nickelodeon. Biggs is the voice of Leonardo in an animated rendition of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” which premiers Sunday Sept. 29 on Nickelodeon.

Biggs made headlines when he tweeted nasty, graphic sexual language about Janna Ryan and Ann Romney. Yet Nickelodeon linked to Biggs’ twitter feed even though the “American Pie” actor’s it’s nowhere near kid-friendly or appropriate.

After being rebuked for his despicable actions at the beginning of September Biggs still continues to tweet and re-tweet vile statements. On Sept. 19 Biggs re-tweeted a post with graphic language. The tweet read, “Spent a solid hour going through @JasonBiggs’s tweets. I’m not convinced everyone needs to grow a fuckin sense of humor.”

Then on the 20th, Biggs again resorted to perversion for humor. He tweeted, “Gay men are disgusting! exclaimed Paris Hilton as she autographed copies of her sex tape in an ejaculate soaked tank top.”

Later he tweeted about a gay threesome, saying, “How long until Tiger invites Rory to an ambient sex fest, and can I please be invited?”

On the 22nd Biggs continued his offensive litany, tweeting a string of curses. “You’re a fucking piece of shit,” read the tweet.

Biggs twitter feed frequently links to his wife Jenny Mollen’s twitter account. Mollen, a former Playboy playmate, famously hired a prostitute to share with Biggs and tweeted about child rape on Nickelodeon’s viewers.

Biggs’ behavior calls into question whether she should be associated with a company that markets expressly to children. Nickelodeon has linked to Biggs’s Twitter before and did not respond to any of the MRC’s attempts to contact them for a comment.