The Return of Linda Greenhouse

Linda Greenhouse, back in the lead after revelations about her left-wing outburst at Harvard in June.

Times Book Critic Loves Bob Woodward's Newest

Michiko Kakutani: "In Bob Woodward's highly anticipated new book, 'State of Denial,' President Bush emerges as a passive, impatient, sophomoric and intellectually incurious leader, presiding over ...

Rep. Foley Scandal Makes Hypocrites Out of G.O.P. Congress?

Sharpening up a pro-Democrat political point, reporter Raymond Hernandez paints helpless Democrats under hard attack by hypocritical Republicans.

Congressional Republicans "Rocked By" Rep. Mark Foley

The Times finds its latest Republican-majority killing silver bullet and twice conflates two sets of emails to make House Majority Leader Hastert look bad.

Revised And Extended Remarks on Weeping Greenhouse

Former Public Editor Daniel Okrent now insists to Newsweek that maybe the near-perfect example of Linda Greenhouse's objective reporting will change our minds about reporters being able to pop off ...

Dick Cheney Hates Checks and Balances?

Maureen Dowd declared on PBS that journalism is vital because "checks and balances is what Dick Cheney is trying to destroy."

Times Editors on Greenhouse: No Comment

While former Public Editor Daniel Okrent was stunned and media-establishment heavyweights stroked their chins, Times editors refused to comment to NPR on the very liberal Linda Greenhouse speech.

NPR Reporter Stunned At Linda Greenhouse Speech

National Public Radio media reporter David Folkenflik was stunned by a June speech at Harvard by Times reporter Linda Greenhouse, which was very explicitly liberal.

A Moldy Bowl of Chile

The Times panned a play about Salvador Allende, the first elected Marxist in the Western Hemisphere back in 1970, but not so much the "dignity and idealism" of Allende's politics.

Times Quick To Promote George Allen 'Nigger' Charges

The Times was routinely slow on Clinton sex stories. But they were quick to find Democrats charging Sen. George Allen used the word "nigger" in the past - a very politically toxic matter - as fit ...
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