Obama Favorite, NYT Reporter Josh Barro: ‘We Need To Stamp [Anti-LGBT] Attitudes Out Ruthlessly’

Another tolerant man of the left.

Last night on Twitter, Josh Barro, the openly gay, neo-conservative political editor for Business Insider, MSNBC regular, and columnist for Bloomberg and reporter for the New York Times went on a tirade against “anti-LGBT” people, calling on the public to shame them, and stamp out their views “ruthlessly.”

The budding totalitarian sure has a bully pulpit – one of the most popular political blogs, with 57.6 thousand followers. He was named was named in the top 10 best Twitter feeds of 2013 by TIME Magazine. He was also named one of President Obama’s favorite columnists to read.

Looking at his Twitter feed, it’s apparent that Barro has an agenda to push, since the one issue he writes about most is gay marriage. Barro explained how shame was the easiest tactic in defeating “anti-gay” views, which she likened to segregationists.

“We don't even need to change everybody's mind. Making people too embarrassed to express their anti-gay views is valuable progress.”

Shame is certainly what liberals are practicing on the issue of gay marriage and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Just this week alone, the media has attacked former NFL coach Tony Dungy and Giants’ wide receiver David Tyree for their statements against gay marriage.

When conservatives like Red State’s Eric Erickson pushed back against Barro’s incendiary tweets, Barro defended his statements by comparing anti-LGBT views to segregation. “Dude I’m saying we should make anti-LGBT views shameful like segregation.”


— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.