Obama, NYT Agree on Bringing Immigrants "Out of the Shadows"

Shades of bias: Obama and the Times mutter the same liberal lines about the plight of illegal immigrants cowering "in the shadows."

Barack Obama and the "objective" reporters of the Times share the same worldview on illegal immigration, right down to the talking points. Thatpoint is hammered in by Larry Rohter's Thursday story, "Obama and McCain Expand Courtship of Hispanics ," on the candidates paying homage to the Hispanic activist group National Council of La Raza.

Rohter wrote:

As for immigration, while both candidates say they favor comprehensive change in policy, there are differences in tone. Mr. Obama talks of 12 million undocumented immigrants in "hiding," and of the need to "bring them in from the shadows." Mr. McCain, from Arizona, a border state, says there are two million criminals among that group and also talks of drug traffickers manipulating immigrant flows.

Obama's phrase is the same one the Times constantly uses to describe the plight of illegals in its news accounts:

"It was part of a raid that has complicated, but not defeated, this city's novel plan to bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows." - Nina Bernstein's July 23, 2007 story from New Haven, Conn.

"It was not that new immigrants were pouring in, but that there were thousands already living here, and the officials who have long run the city wanted to bring them out of the shadows." - Jennifer Medina's June 8, 2007 storyfrom New Haven.

"Glare of Fires Pulls Migrants From Shadows" - Headline from October 27, 2007.

"We are left with the 12 million illegal immigrants - hanging Sheetrock, setting sod and cleaning hospital bedpans - as before, in the shadows." - Former reporter Timothy Egan in a March 29, 2008column.