'Repo Men' Star Jude Law Admits Problems with National Health Service

‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart got sidetracked during an interview about “Repo Men”  actor Jude Law’s latest film and wound up discussing flaws of the U.S. and British health systems.


Stewart joked about the premise of Law’s movie – a company selling organs which they repossess if the buyer cannot make payments – and mocked the debate over health care legislation in the U.S. by humorously mischaracterizing it:


“We are about to pass a national law that mandates that. Barack Obama, and I don’t know how closely you follow the politics around here, Barack Obama is a tyrant uh, and he is about to pass against the will of 98 percent of the American people a law that requires Christians to give organs to gay people.”


Stewart followed up with a serious question, asking Law “how’s the system” in Britain and if people with money can buy health care outside the National Health Service (NHS).


“No, you can get private health as well as national health,” Law replied. Stewart asked if people are satisfied with the NHS.


“They are, mmm, I would say they are 60 percent to 70 percent happy. The waiting lists are long, but often the doctors at national health are better.”


“Now are the doctors unhappy?” asked Stewart. “The doctors are unhappy because they’re not very well paid and they have terrible hours,” Law admitted.

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