Russell Brand: Conservatives are ‘Perverts’

‘Sex-addict’ comedian rags on GOP.

Russell Brand is living up to his raunchy reputation of cracking sex jokes about conservatives.  The crass British comedian today announced that he thinks conservative republicans with traditional views on sexuality are “perverts.” 

Interviewing with HuffPo Live’s Josh Zepps, Brand said that he doesn’t know anyone who isn’t interested in sexuality. When host Zepps replied that he knew “a few Republican Conservatives who’d say that,” Brand immediately added: “I’ll bet they’re perverts.”

“They probably are,” Zepps agreed.

“Of course they are!” Brand insisted, suggesting that “that’s why” they would claim to not be interested in sexuality. 

The self-proclaimed “sex-addict” comedian went on to admit that he’s been guilty in the past of thinking about sex “too much,” and then discussed his lustful desires for a girl he had just met on HuffPo’s set. He compared his relationship to her as that of a tiger to a gazelle.

He and Zepps further elaborated on Brand’s confessed “sex addiction,” and Brand affirmed that Zepp should be able to have sex with anything “as long as it’s got a face.”

Of course, Zepps wasn’t much better: when Brand got on the topic of gay masturbation in a bathroom – because that’s what you talk about when you’re Russell Brand – Zepps commented that was “what you find Republican Senators doing.”  Brand went on to insist that sexuality is “not the arena for morality,” and accused conservatives of “vehement right-wing vitriol” because they’re supposedly “entrenched in fear.” 

He ended his sordid schtick by pretending to receive a letter from Jesus telling him he was going to “gay-marry” Zepps, who laughed it up and played along. 

Brand has gone on record in the past for his incredibly foul attacks on conservatives, and monotonously sex-obsessed joke routines.  But he deserves a laugh – not for his worn-out and repulsive humor, but rather for his hypocrisy.  Sorry, Russell, but when you call conservatives “perverts” while openly lusting after every gal you meet, the joke’s on you.