SNL: Bad Guys Shut Down Planned Parenthood Clinics

Host Lena Dunham 'so upset' that anyone would oppose Planned Parenthood.

Saturday Night Live this week included a skit that portrayed people who shut down Planned Parenthood Clinics as bad men who had their heart broken by some girl when they were 18 and never got over it.

During the skit, protesting against Planned Parenthood was used as an example of how out of touch a dorky guy was. The actor, with slicked down hair and an emphasized nasal voice, argued that men deserve to be paid more than women always, before his proud (but unaware) girlfriend proudly volunteered that he had helped to shut down two Planned Parenthood clinics.

This week's SNL episode was hosted by Lena Dunham, the controversial feminist star of HBO's "Girls." After it was revealed that the boyfriend had helped force the clinics to close, Dunham had to pause and say that she was "so upset right now" before informing the girlfriend that Planned Parenthood helped women get "low-cost medical advice and care." The girlfriend then admitted that her boyfriend was "not the best guy."

At the end of the skit, the boyfriend was dumped amid thunderous applause.

Planned Parenthood is America's largest abortion provider, performing over 300,000 abortions per year. According to its annual report, Planned Parenthood of Indiana performed 5,580 abortions in 2010.

— Mike Ciandella is Research Analyst at the Media Research Center. Follow Mike Ciandella on Twitter.