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NBC ‘Today’ gives SNL40 11X More Coverage than ISIS Beheading Christians

21 beheaded, Egypt launching airstrikes, and NBC is talking skits and selfies.
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On ‘Fox & Friends,’ 9-11 Victim’s Relative Rebukes Chris Rock for SNL Gags

Tasteless Freedom Tower jokes met with audience silence.
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SNL: Bad Guys Shut Down Planned Parenthood Clinics

Host Lena Dunham 'so upset' that anyone would oppose Planned Parenthood.
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Uses Miley Cyrus Take-Off to Mock Bachmann, Boehner

Offensive portrayal perhaps topped by graphic slurs against Bachmann.

A Study in Character Assassination: How the TV Networks Have Portrayed Sarah Palin as Dunce or Demon

An analysis of two weeks of coverage of the GOP vice presidential nominee reveals unremitting hostility from the network news.
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