Sununu Hits Back at Climate Alarmism on HuffPost Live

Former governor and Bush staffer cites warming ‘pause,’ and string of failed alarmist predictions.

Look at the data. That’s what former Gov. John Sununu of New Hampshire recently told Huffington Post Live about climate change.

Sununu’s June 15 appearance with HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski was to discuss his new book “The Quiet Man,” which offers an insider’s perspective of George H.W. Bush’s presidency. Sununu served as White House Chief of Staff during that time.

During the interview, Minkovski veered off topic to corner Sununu on global warming, but was obviously unprepared for his answers. She wanted to know how the current GOP’s views on “climate change,” contradict Bush’s environmental decisions. He had supported the Clean Air Amendments of 1990.

He didn’t take the bait and in turn steered the conversation to “data.”

“Where have you been the last eighteen and a half years where there’s been no change in temperatures? There’s been no increase,” Sununu asked her.

Minkovski also brought up the supposed scientific consensus climate alarmists love to cite saying that climate change is real and manmade. He dismissed that before launching into a series of failed predictions.

“About ten years ago they predicted that New York City would be having flooding problems from climate change; it’s not true. They predicted a disastrous situation in terms of Arctic ice and Antarctic ice. That’s not true,” Sununu said. They predicted a disastrous situation in terms of the rise of oceans; it hasn’t happened. So the point is, is that if you really look at the data, you’ll find out that the disastrous situation that they predicted has not occurred.”

When Minkovski retorted that “those who lived through Hurricane Sandy here in the New York and New Jersey areas would beg to differ,” Sununu pointed to worse hurricanes in 1938.

Minkovski kept pushing, until Sununu brought the interview back on track to the subject of Bush’s presidency. Her treatment of climate change on Huffpost Live is in perfect keeping with the climate change story the media have been peddling for many years.