Terrorist Sympathizer Greenwald: American Media ‘Racist’ for Not Bashing Israel More

Lefty hack gives media ‘F’ grade for not highlighting Israeli ‘savagery.’

Glenn Greenwald, the radical left investigative reporter for The Guardian who published NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s documents, called the American media “racist,” “anti-Muslim” and “ethno-centric” “cowards” in a Huffington Post Live interview with Marc Lamont Hill Monday. His strong words are unsurprising considering his defense of the terrorist front group CAIR. 

Huff Po Live host Marc Lamont Hill ate up the anti-Israel rhetoric and agreed with Greenwald that far too much media sympathy was paid to Israel while Gazan civilians were being ignored. Hill asked, “In the midst of this kind of imbalance in coverage, what grade would you give the U.S. media?” 

Greenwald gave the American media an “F,” for not causing the public to have the same level of outrage for Gazans killed as Americans felt for 9/11 victims. 

“We can stand by and watch almost 2000 Palestinians now be killed, it’s approaching the number that America lost on 9/11, even though its a tiny percentage of the population and have the media be essentially calm about it.” 

And you’ll never guess why the media isn’t totally in the tank for Hamas:

"I think there's a racist element to it. I think there's an ethnocentric element to it. There's definitely an anti-Muslim strain that runs throughout how this coverage is conducted." 

So not only is the American media supposedly pro-Israel and racist, the media’s also afraid to tell the truth, according to Greenwald, who added, “Most American journalists, though, are cowards when it comes to Israel. They don’t even want to mention it and when they do they stay to the pro-Israel script.” 

That’s no way to treat loyal friends who’ve pretended Greenwald is something other than a leftist hack. 

But you know who draws Greenwald’s admiration?  The Palestinian propagandists uploading death porn photos and videos of varying authenticity to Twitter in an “unedited, raw way” to reveal the “violence and carnage the Israelis are causing.” He scolded the media to follow suit because the “extent of the Israeli savagery this time around, the brutality and criminality of what they’re doing” was too much to ignore. 

One wonders if the openly gay Greenwald’s hatred for Israel takes into account that homosexuality carries the death penalty in Hamas’ Gaza, and that “Palestinian gays and lesbians frequently seek refuge in Israel because of anti-gay persecution in the disputed West Bank territory and the Gaza Strip.” Eh, probably. Keep up the struggle, Comrade Greenwald!

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.