Will Media Show Berserk Pro-Abortion Protestors Blocking Pro-Life March?

Left-wing activists arrested, say poor woman 'should get a f---ing abortion.'

Editor’s Note: This story includes some language that might be considered offensive.

It’s hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers versus 75 pro-abortion protesters – but whose message will the abortion-fawning media choose to focus on?

Protesters calling for abortion on demand blocked the pathway of the Washington, D.C. 42nd annual March for Life on January 22.  In front of the Supreme Court, they yelled in the faces of police, “Forced motherhood is female excitement!” and “Will the real women of the world stand up?” Eight pro-abortion protestors were arrested.

Members of the group explained to MRC Culture that women should be allowed “fucking abortion[s]” and suggested that often “[i]t’s better for the baby to just not be born.”

As the March for Life media contact, Ryan Hughes said an estimated 75 protesters blocked the streets for an estimated 200,000 marchers.

The liberal group Stop Patriarchy took credit for halting the march for 30 minutes. The group asked for bail money for the "brave protesters" and tweeted, "#NoRegrets."

The Blaze’s Zach Noble reported D.C. Capitol Police spokesperson Kimberly Schneider confirming eight arrested with charges of “Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding‎.”

After the arrests, MRC Culture asked members of the group to explain their views. One unidentified young woman insisted that if a woman “is grown up in poverty, and she cannot raise that baby or if she will get kicked out of her house because she’s pregnant, then yeah, shit yeah, she should get a fucking abortion.”

She defined life as beginning at seven months because “that’s when they start moving  around more” and “start actually being able to understand what’s going on around them.”

One of the marchers asked another young woman about the option of adoption. She responded, “What if she don’t want to give up her baby for adoption? What if she just says that it’s better for the baby to just not be born?”

“Forcing women to have a child against their wishes goes against basic morality of compassion for the woman and for every child,” one man in the group demanded. He called the “forcing” a “form of enslavement.”

In response to the protesters, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins began countering on a megaphone, “I believe that we will win!” At other points, the pro-life crowd chimed in, "We are the pro-life generation."

— Katie Yoder is Staff Writer, Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow in Culture and Media at the Media Research Center. Follow Katie Yoder on Twitter.