Donald J. Boudreaux, Ph.D.

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Dear NY Times: Spending Isn't the Problem

Keynesian mythology has it all wrong; lack of private investment is the worry.

Dear NY Times: Is Krugman a Luddite?

If China's monetary policy hurts American employment by lowering cost of goods, wouldn't better U.S. technology also hurt jobs because they lower cost and labor needs?

Dear NY Times: Tax Revenues Have 'Skyrocketed'

When inflation is considered, 2010 tax revenues will be 61 percent higher than 1980.

Dear NY Times: Krugman's Deregulation Assertion Misleads

1930s bank runs were caused by government missteps.

Dear WTOP: 'Swipe Fees' Don't Rip off Consumers

Despite economist's assertion, building in costs like transaction fees to a price is not wrong.

Dear Wash. Post: Haitian Tragedy Magnified by Lack of Economic Freedom

Greater economic freedom could have spared lives.

Dear USA Today: Current Crisis Not Worse than Great Depression

U.S. economic woes are not the result of globalization and free trade.

Dear WSJ: Congressional Oversight is No Accountability

Politicians report to special interests, not the public.

Dear Washington Post: Poor Grasp of Economics

Meyerson's complaint that there are two few manufacturing jobs is flawed.

Dear Financial Times: Free Trade Doesn't Require Perfect Competition

Case for tariffs is built on strawman argument.

Dear Wash. Post: 'Antigovernment ideologues' and Stimulus

E. J. Dionne is wrong, many economists opposed stimulus spending.

Dear NY Times: Right to Worry about ObamaCare

Despite Krugman, there are many reasons to fear the unintended consequences of health 'reform.'

Dear NY Times: Krugman's Argument for Universal Care is Weak

Fees on business will lead to lower employee wages possibly making health insurance even less affordable.

Dear LA Times: Foreign Aid Holds Developing Nations Back

Why do you assume such aid is necessary for poor African countries?

Dear NY Times: Paul Krugman's Treason

Columnist's assertion about treasonous cap-and-trade opposition is wrong.

Dear Baltimore Sun: Perils of Protectionism

Free trade exists until government restricts it.

Dear NY Times: Beware of Unintended Consequences

Social-engineering by tax policy led to performance-based pay and less transparency.

Dear WSJ: Steamships Prove Gov't Can't Run Business

Collins' steamship company subsidization provides lesson about the virtues of free market over government help.

Dear WSJ: Foreign Aid is Not the Answer

Free markets will lift nations out of poverty, not 'do-goodism.'

Dear U.S. News & World Report: $100 Million Cut is No Challenge

Putting Obama's budget "cut" in perspective.