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Media Parrot White House Spin on Auto Bailout as Unemployment Rises

ABC, CBS tout 'good news' in Michigan, ignore more out-of-work residents. Touts Liberal-Authored Paper as Evidence of Stimulus Success

Being a liberal economis means never having to say you were wrong.

AP Hypes Boehner-Obama Feud, Offers Few Details on Small Business Jobs Act

Brief on president's Rose Garden speech devotes half its time to Boehner criticism, omits bill title, implications.

Surprise: AP Notes 'Chicken and Egg Problem' With Electric Cars

Report cites lack of public chargers as potential problem in electric car production, touts government grants on the way.

Time Blames GOP Filibuster for Cap-and-Trade's Death

Eulogizing emissions bill, Ecocentric blogger Walsh blames 'abused,' not excess costs or expert dissent.

Facebook CEO Defends Company in ABC Interview, Advocates Democracy

Diane Sawyer, Bill Weir fill report with anti-business sentiment; Mark Zuckerberg says 'when you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place.'

AP Touts Stimulus in German Recovery, Ignores Tax Cuts

Newswire cites 'various government measures,' fails to mention lower tax rates.

CBS's Attkisson Finally Exposes Fannie Mae's Dirty Laundry

Investigation reveals more than 153 VIP loans, 'back scratching' between GSE, Countrywide

Newsweek Mocks 'Poor Little CEO's,' Attacks Private Sector

Daniel Gross uses 'blame Bush' rhetoric to denounce business leader jobs summit.

2010 Heats Up News Hype over Global Warming

Morning shows, USA Today focus on 'record' heat; offer dire predictions about droughts, floods and snowfall.

NY Times Highlights Return to Financial Regulation

Newspaper spins 'sweeping expansion of financial regulation,' as reassertion of 'supervision' after 'era of hands-off optimism.'

Attacks on Business Fill Newsweek's List of 'Best Business Literature'

List includes books bashing Murdoch, hedge-fund managers, boards of directors, and capitalism; excludes free market proponents.

Columbia University President Champions 'More Public Funding' for Media

Head of school that includes prestigious journalism program warns against 'trusting the market alone' for news coverage.

Doomsday Seed Trip Emits 24,300+ lb. Carbon Footprint

Bipartisan delegation creates more carbon in one 'global warming' trip than average person generates annually.

AP: How Dare Steinbrenner Die in 2010

Less than 24 hours after baseball boss' death, newswire decries suspended estate tax, heirs' 'unexpected bonanza'

CNN Money Promotes 'Other Kinds of Government Assistance'

Report advertises federal aid, downplays individual spirit in addressing unemployment.

Time Magazine Isn't Chicken about Debunking Organic Eggs

Breaking from liberal media ranks, newsmagazine reveals organic eggs no healthier than factory ones.

Time Magazine Cites Lack of Strikes, Rise of Collectivism 'Top Signs of Troubled Economy'

List also takes cracks at health care industry, wacky fast food promotions and big box store weddings.

LeBronomics: Could High Taxes Influence James' Team Decision?

NBA superstar free agent would pay over $12 million in New York income taxes, none in Miami